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Personal Care Services That Let Your Senior Rest Easy At Home

Personal Care Services That Let Your Senior Rest Easy At Home

Through our home care services in Springfield, Virginia, we can help you secure good nutrition and good overall health for your homebound senior so they can rest easy at home, even when you are not around them for the day.

We help seniors live comfortably at home and assist them with what they need to accomplish to make their days more complete by taking care of their needs through our personal care services in Virginia. This is pampering they get to experience at home:

  • Proper Nourishment
    Seniors with dementia are often the ones who forget to stay hydrated or get proper nourishment throughout the day. To shun having dehydrated and malnourished senior loved ones, our caregivers are trained to remind them to keep up their water intake, and assure sustenance well and on time. Nourishment reminders become highly important because simple food preparation can already be a health hazard for them especially when they have trouble with their grip and balance. At least, through us, their nourishment is one item that can be checked on the list on a daily basis.

  • Reminders About Medication
    On top of securing good nutrition, their medication is also important to help keep their health conditions at bay if ever they have diabetes or high blood pressure. The consistency in taking their medication and supplements helps their bodies to function well and maintain good health at home. Their medication may have side effects but with our caregivers around to consistently help them get through this task, they will always be reminded of the importance of their medication toward their health.

  • Good Hygiene And Sanitation
    Above all, their hygiene will be secured to keep them well away from skin problems like rashes and fungal infections because the best way to keep these unseen dangers is to prevent their proliferation from taking place. Minor cleaning can also keep their homes properly sanitized to prevent dust and garbage from piling up within. Undisposed garbage and unclean surfaces is conducive to an unhealthy environment, welcoming different insects and rodents thrive within.

Aging adults have different movement dynamics from younger adults and can generally benefit from homecare assistance. Make it easy on them and give them the chance to live as normally as possible, after all, life is only limited to what we choose and choose not to do.

Let your senior loved one rest easy at home and let them experience your love and care through AA Family Homecare Services Inc.

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