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Have A Break, Have Respite Care Services For Your Senior Loved Ones

Have A Break, Have Respite Care Services For Your Senior Loved Ones

There is importance in taking a break and taking the time to recharge your body because if you do not take the time to slow down and recharge, there will be consequences. When you are the primary caregiver to a senior loved one who needs assistance, we know you understand how it feels to cry for help to have that extra hand to help you with your care responsibilities at home.

Respite care services is an important part of our mission to help save primary caregivers from reaching burnout stages because without them, all their family members who are counting on them will also suffer from their absence when they get sick from exhaustion.


Having someone whom you can trust to look out for your loved one can make it easier for you as a primary caregiver when you know that they are in safe hands. With our home care services in Springfield, Virginia, we can help your senior loved one enjoy different arrangements that they would like to enjoy as you both take your breaks:

  • Go out on walks in the neighborhood or to the park
  • Enjoy a new movie at home
  • Assistance with a hobby or craft
  • Do some seasonal planting in the garden
  • Have someone to talk to

Your Kind Of Care

When you are taking your break, you are supposed to focus on your health and wellness since nothing is more important than having you at your best because when you feel great, your family also feels your energy radiating on them and it spreads like wildfire. For the care you deliver, we will show you that we can be your equal partners in keeping your senior loved one healthy and happy through the basic care you also provide them:

  • Showering or bathing
  • Taking their meals on time
  • Helping them go use the toilet
  • Remind them about their medication
  • Help them go about places

Everybody deserves a day off or two because we are only humans and we are vulnerable to getting tired. Taking care of another human being requires a lot of energy and attention, that is why it is important to give yourself a break to recharge your senses, even our cellphones need recharging when the battery runs out.

Do not be afraid to ask for help. AA Family Homecare Services Inc. can help you extend the love you give to your senior loved one at home. Call us at 703-596-0016.

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