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A Guide on Childproofing Your Home

A Guide on Childproofing Your Home

When your little ones leave the crib and start crawling and—most especially—walking, you have to take measures in protecting them from various things and elements which can inadvertently cause them harm. Of course, you couldn’t always follow them around wherever they go, nor can you keep them locked up in a glass box. What you can do, though, is to childproof your house so that even with little supervision, you can have peace of mind knowing that your little one is safe.

Of course, you still have to watch over your toddler or preschooler from time to time, just to make sure that they are not ingesting something they shouldn’t, or causing havoc in the house which can later on result to injury on their part. However, these guidelines will help you minimize your worry, and also allow your child a little independence and time for them to explore more about the world around them:

  • Lock the doors, or keep them wide open
    Doors can be dangerous things for your little ones, as these can hurt their fingers or toes. Keep doors to rooms such as the bathroom or basement closed and locked, to keep them from going in on their own and hurting themselves. In addition, doors to rooms which you deem are safe for them to go into must be kept wide open using durable door stoppers, so your kids can safely go in and out without getting hurt.
  • Keep sharp and breakable objects out of reach
    It’s common sense to keep your little kids away from sharp and breakable objects. These can only cause injuries—some even major ones. Keep your knives, ice picks and other sharp objects locked in a kitchen drawer, then, and put all your breakable dishes, chinaware and cookware on high shelves. Make sure the shelves are also closed and locked, and the breakable objects kept on the far end of them. These will also apply to vases and ornaments that are breakable. If you have décor in your home, keep them in cabinets with locks or hard-to-reach shelves.
  • Cover electric outlets
    Electric outlets can be quite fascinating for little toddlers, and they may try to insert objects into them. When installing electric outlets in your home, make sure to purchase plastic outlet casing with hard-to-access covers on them, or simply cover unused outlets with electrical tape.

It is important to keep your child in check and make sure that they are properly supervised, taken care of, and kept safe from harm and danger. That is why when you are not around to do all these, it is vital to have someone you can trust can give your child the right pediatric home care they need. AA Family Homecare Services, Inc. offers personal care services in Virginia that not only limits to providing assistance and respite care services for your elderly, ill, handicapped, or disabled loved ones. We also aim to provide quality, efficient, and friendly pediatric care for your little ones, even while you are away.

So if you’re looking for providers of home care services in Springfield, Virginia for both your elderly loved ones and your kids, look to AA Family Homecare Services, Inc. for the quality homecare your loved ones deserve.

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