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6 Big Reasons Why Elders Develop Geriatric Depression

6 Big Reasons Why Elders Develop Geriatric Depression

If you have not heard about “Geriatric Depression”, then please read this blog post with more intent.

Depression is a mental disorder that is often categorized with the feeling of loneliness, emptiness, and purposelessness. To those with this condition, their way of living is heavily affected. The variant of this menace that affects senior citizens is what is known as Geriatric Depression.

When depression attacks the elders, things are more complicated. This is because their physical and mental faculties are degenerated by old age. It makes them feel more helpless and confused. Without somebody to rely on, Geriatric Depression can drive them to hurt themselves (or others) and even end their lives.

To understand this condition even further, it is ideal if its causes are discussed as well. Listed below are factors that may trigger Geriatric Depression:

  1. Traumatic experiences.
    Depression is often an accessory to another mental disorder named Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The latter is characterized as a mental relapse of heavy or near-death experiences that cause the patient to react restlessly. When episodes occur frequently, patients become mentally and emotionally scarred. This is very common to military veterans.
  2. Medication.
    Researchers are inclined to believe that some medicines used to treat Parkinson’s disease are linked with hypertension, which is also observed to cause or worsen depression among seniors. Overdosage of medications may also add more fuel to the fire.
  3. Stress.
    Stress is insignificant at first but once it piles up, it can consume you wholly. Sadly, the baby boomers are no longer that resistant to stress. The abrupt and uneasy hormonal change in their body affected their mental and emotional equilibrium. This explains the random mood swings and irritability. Stress will only disturb their composure.
  4. Being “left out”.
    Separation anxiety is common among grannies. This often occurs when their children start to grow older and build their own families. The feeling of being “left out” can leave a deep emotional scar to their hearts. And when nobody else is left with them, loneliness will take over.
  5. Social environment.
    It is beneficial for seniors to interact with more people to combat depression but with the wrong ones, their depressive tendencies will only worsen. They should not be exposed to abuse and other sorts of violence. If so, they will be filled with rage, despair, and fear. Immediate intervention must be deployed in such situations.
  6. Loss of a spouse.
    Losing a loved one at an advanced age, especially a partner, is heartrending. You have almost spent all of your life together. It is impossible not to die a little inside, too.

When granny has depression, one of the best things to do is to provide them with companionship. But if you cannot always be there to hold them, AA Family Homecare Services Inc. can be your proxy via our respite care services. Rest assured, your aged loved ones will be in good hands.

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